About us
Welcome everyone to my mineral website. I have been collecting minerals since 1962. When I was a kid I found
a green rock at a new road construction site in River Vale N.J. Turned out to be Prehnite from one of the nearby
quarries in Paterson N.J.  Needless to say that started my interest in mineral collecting.

During my childhood my mom and dad encouraged my interest in minerals and brought me to collect at the New
Street Quarries in Paterson N.J.  The zinc mines at Franklin N.J. and the Tilly Foster Iron Mine in Brewster N.Y.
to name a few. We also attended the many local mineral shows where I added to my collection.

At this time my son Gregory and I are still going strong building our collection. We have collected at many
locations in N.Y. N.J. Conn. N.C. and Maine, We attend shows and we buy collections.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and find a specimen for your collection!

Thanks, Doug Wahl